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At Excluzvt we believe in unique jewelry pieces that make a statement. Our never before seen Spice Jewelry collection - SpiceDesigns crafts real spices like Bay Leaves, Star Anise, Cardamom's, Cinnamon's and Black Peppers with metals and clay.


Every time you turn your head or close your eyes, a subtle hint of spice reaches you and infuses you with an aromatic calming feeling. 


One of a kind and beautiful affordable gifts form the essence of this year's collections. There is a perfect gift for every occasion - Wedding Anniversary gifts, Valentines day gifts; Mothers day gifts; Birthday presents, Anniversaries, Navaratri, Diwali and Christmas.  


Browse through our collections below to get gift ideas for her - your special someone - wife, girlfriend, daughter, niece, and / or mother.


Custom designs and personalized gifts are possible! Just ask us.

SpiceDesigns - Never before seen collection of real spices crafted with metals. 

Artfully Clay - Authentic new designs meet clay in this one of a kind collection.

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